Our user-friendly and secure technology focuses on the needs of both clients and law firms.

Procurement tool

For many companies and legal departments, the process of requesting proposals and quotes from law firms is time consuming. Even with extensive preparations, you often find yourself comparing apples to oranges, with proposals varying in format, size, content, layout, commercial terms and assumptions.

By standardizing the process of requesting and submitting proposals and quotes in a secure platform, we are making it easier and more efficient to hire outside counsel.

Insight & data

Data is key to understanding the real value of outside counsel, yet many companies and legal departments find themselves equipped with subpar systems and routines to track their legal spend.

By systemizing the data from all your matters, Lovnad’s platform gives you deeper insight into the numbers behind the total on the invoice, enabling you to make smarter decisions when engaging outside counsel.

Overview & control

Keeping track of ongoing legal matters can be challenging. While some matters are resolved internally, others are outsourced to various law firms, making it difficult to see the whole picture.

Lovnad’s dashboard gives you control of all matters, including an overview of status, accrued fees and external lawyers.

Discover lawyers

Many companies are having a hard time finding a lawyer the first time the need arises, while others may underestimate the benefits of varying between different law firms for different types of matters and making them compete for business.

Our platform makes it easier for companies to find a lawyer, both those who use a lawyer for the first time and those who want to try someone new.

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